Summer Fit At Home Exercises!

Get your beach body ready with these 5 moves! It's almost June and swimming season is upon us. Try my Cardio-Pilates workout to tone up and get strong!


Plie Squat with Rises and Jumps

-Scoop low and rise high to squeeze the glutes! Scoop low and JUMP to the stars... try to pointe your toes while in the air! Keep alternating for 10 sets. 

Plank Stealth Mission

-Pull one knee in, then the other (pic 1). Then, pull you knee to the outside of your elbow as you bend your elbows(pic 2). Try this for 10 sets.

 Mermaid Push-up

-Lift your upper body as shown in picture 2. The trick is to push through the heal of your hand, activating your triceps, biceps and lats. To make it a real challenge, resist slowly on the way down (don't collapse). 5 each side


-Balance is part of the challenge here, you are not just working your moving leg, but your supporting glute is stabilizing and working like crazy! Keep your supporting knee soft, not locked and stretch through your heal on your lifted leg. Do small 1 inch movements up as high as you can for 30 pulses on each leg.


-Roll-up with the right leg, roll down. Roll-up with the left-leg, roll down. Teaser-up (both legs lift as you roll up). Try 5 rounds, then roll down half way and click your heels like Dorothy all the way home!(30 heel clicks)