Pilates Beyond Pilates

One of the many comments I get from my clients is how after just one session they feel more connected with their bodies and abdominals. It's amazing how just one focused hour of proper form and concentration can totally change your body and the effectiveness of your workout. Lets dive into the benefits of Pilates Beyond Pilates. Think of your body like an egg and how by changing the temperature or separating or beating the the yoke you will get a totally different product. Your body is the same. Our bodies move in thousands of ways, so is it a surprise that by just adjusting the way you sit or move in a workout will effect your results? A small change can make a huge difference. Concentrating on what you are doing is an important part of your workout and the main focus in a Pilates class. The cool thing about this is after you end your session your body continues to maintain muscle awareness and that carries on throughout your day and life!

It takes more energy to slump all day than to stand up straight with proper posture. Take the belly challenge!!!!!!! Set an alarm on your phone every hour. When it goes off take a moment to pull in your belly stand or sit up straight and make your abdominal muscles engage. Then proceed on with your day trying to keep your posture strong and belly tight. Don't worry, you will get a friendly reminder every hour to check back in. The whole point of this challenge is to bring awareness to your posture and build up you abdominal endurance. Having strong abs and a strong spine will reduce back pain and improve digestion...oh yeah, plus a tight mid section looks good too :-)