Pilates Retreat April 28th at 10:30am-4:30pm

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Join us on a trip to Waco, Tx to visit the Magnolia Silos. Our retreat will include a Pilates stretch and strengthen class, breakfast tacos and shopping at the Silos with all transportation included. 

Pilates for Runners Workshop April 29th

                                $10 Pre-registration Required. Space is limited

                               $10 Pre-registration Required. Space is limited

Pilates is for everyone!

The best part of Pilates is that it meets you where you are at in your physical fitness. Pilates is beneficial for beginners that want to start a low-impact, fun and effective exercise program to professional athletes looking to improve their athletic performance and everyone else in-between. Start off with our New Client Package and learn the principles of Pilates, then join our Group Apparatus Classes or continue with one-on-one Private Sessions. 


Choose one of our top class packages below.



New client Special

New to Pilates or new to our studio? Our new client special is a great way to start off your Pilates experience. This package includes 2 45-minute Private Sessions and 3 Group Classes. A $175 value at just $95!  


Group Apparatus

Group Apparatus are fun and energetic classes held on Balanced Body Reformers and Pilates Towers. Use springs and body weight to create resistance and enhance movement in exercise. Only $150 a month for unlimited classes!


Private Sessions

Focus one on one for a personal Pilates experience and work on your personal goals and specific needs. Private sessions are also great prep for Group Classes. 1 hour private sessions as low as $50 a session. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise program created in the 1920s that uses body weight and resistance from springs and bands to create long-lean muscles and improve overall posture and flexibility. Apparatus classes include machines called Towers and Reformers that enhance movement and muscular strength. It is low-impact but challenging with focus on improving abdominal strength, proper posture and decreases imbalances in the body. Pilates has been proven to reduce back pain, build muscles, increase flexibility, and so much more. Learn more about Pilates 512 and the benefits of Pilates on our BLOG. It's time to try it out!!! See why celebrities and professional athletes love Pilates!! 

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