Pilates Helps with Part 1: Balance

I was sitting down writing all the different benefits Pilates offers and wanted to elaborate on how exactly Pilates helps. The Pilates core concepts offer a wonderful platform to hone-in on a client's specific needs. It still amazes me how versatile and adaptable Pilates is, I am still learning more in my practice and teaching.  


Why is balance important?

Good balance is an important skill in everyday activities, such as walking, climbing, running. Good balance also prevents injury from falling. As we age many things begin to affect our balance. The cells in our vestibular system (inner ear balance system) die off, our muscular mass decreases, our vision changes and blood pressure rises and lowers as you move from a sitting to standing position. With all these factors against us is there a way to maintain good balance as we age?

Yes!! Pilates can help?

Pilates will work with what your body currently provides. It doesn't matter how good or bad your balance currently is, Pilates can offer the proper and appropriate exercises to improve it! 

1. Build lower body strength. Strongly connecting your feet to the floor and having the leg strength to catch yourself if you trip can prevent a fall. 

2. Body awareness. Our bodies change and if we don't work on tuning into our system we lose coordination and movement precision. Pilates' core concept on concentration has us focus on moving our bodies with deliberate focus and connecting our mind to our muscles.

3. Footwork. Our toes and feet have a huge impact on our balance. If you shuffle your feet when you walk, have toes that curl in or overlap, you are greatly affecting the neurological connection to your brain. In Pilates using different surfaces to press against, being barefoot and doing toe isolations help to ground your stance into the floor. 

4. Abdominal Strength. The abdominal core is the support for the mid and upper body. Not only does having a strong core give you better posture, it also allows the body to move more fluidly. If you're losing your balance and your core engages you can correct and bring yourself back to stability.    

Need Help Improving Your Balance?

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