Coming to the neighborhood!

Hello Friends! This is my first BLOG post ever!!!! I am so excited to start the journey of bringing a Pilates Apparatus Studio to my neck of the woods in Pflugerville/Round Rock. For those of you that are new to Pilates, Pilates is a full body workout that tones, increases flexibility and improves imbalances in your body by using resistance and springs . I am amazed everyday how Pilates has impacted my life by giving me both a great workout and added energy through out my day. I've seen Pilates transform my clients' muscles and body awareness, fix their once constant pain and aggravation that used to plague their life and give them this amazing strength and power inside and out!

So what is Pilates 512???? Pilates 512 will be a fully equipped Pilates Studio complete with Balanced Body Reformers, Tower units, BOSU balls, and much more! I want to make exercise as luxurious and effective as possible, bet you've never heard those two words in the same sentence :-)  Our studio's mantra is "Everyday is a good day to do Pilates" and we want you to leave feeling better than when you walked in! Pilates is deep and effective work that will make your muscles burn in a whole new way, but the low impact aspect will make your body crave more. We want every client to feel welcome and enjoy their stay, no matter what physical fitness level they may be. 

Although we can not give you an exact location or date on when we will open our doors, we are getting closer to locking everything down! Can't wait to share more! Have a wonderful evening!

-Brittany Harpole